I am back!

Okay so i know you all are probably thinking i fell off the earth or died or something...NOPE i am still here...i just got tired of writing cause no one ever commented so i got kinda bored with writing. I figure it is time for an update....
So November was pretty boring...nothing exciting went on there.
December was okay...Tiffany and i hung out a bunch and were total mallrats. We were at the mall like almost everyday over Christmas break. Exciting huh? I got a lot of cool things for Christmas like a portable DVD player, some DVDs, and CD player, some CDs, and a digital camera. New Years Eve i went with Tiffany to this church lock in thingie...i know its hard to believe i didnt get drunk! I am actually kind of dissapointed i didnt...oh well there is always next year..and the year after that..and so on...but eyeah so we just chilled and hung out.

Some exciting things that have happened to me are as follows:

1. Got my tongue pierced
2. Got a new tattoo
3. Met some totally cool new ppl
4. Got into the spring musical at school..it is "Pippin"
5. Had sex...a couple of times.

So yeah thats about all that has happened. BEt ya'll dont miss me now? haha i make boring entries i know...i know...I have some pics i will add later...but i kinda forget how to do a LJ cut? so if anyone can help me out....pwease! haha i forget things easy! bye playas!
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I AM NOW FINALLY 18!  Friday was my birthday.  It was a pretty good birthday.  I got a lot of shit from all my friends and family.  Friday night my friend Kelly and i went to Clifton and hung out.  I got my nose pierced and it didnt hurt at all.  I was all worked up the whole day and really nervous about it. I got myself all worked up over nothing.  Its really cute too!  I like it a lot :-) hehe...anyway yeah so last night I hung out with my friends and we went bowling.  I did pretty damn good i bowled a 140-something which is better than i normally do.  Then we all just went uptown and walked around.  My friend Ali and Cameron got me some sex cards...they are pretty fucking funny. 

I am going to the Three Days Grace concert next Saturday at Bogarts.  I have been to more concerts in the past month than i want to lol.  Friday i went and saw Simple Plan...it SUCKED!!!!  I love Simple Plan to death cause i have liked them for 3 years or so...BUT there was nothing but screaming 12 and 13 year olds there. I felt like i was at a fucking boy band concert.  So...i left early...Plus i was feeling really sick cause i hadnt eaten anything all day and i took some Stackers, which isnt good to take them and not eat anything. 

Anyway i really dont know what else to talk about.  I am so tired and bored...BLAH...

**Kisses** :-)


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Dude the Green Day concert was fucking sweet!  We had floor seats so we were pretty damn close...I like creamed my pants!  haha.  Yeah i was like AHHHHH ORGASM! lol....It was an overall great night.  It was Whitney's first "real" concert and i was so proud of her she was like getting into it and moshing and like going crazy!  I was like "WHOOAAA!" lol but yeah.  That was saturday.

Sunday i hun out with this really cool guy, Eric.  Who knows...things might happen...I am not getting my hopes up though. I try not to cause i always get hurt so this time i am not letting myself get to "into" him too fast.  I am finally learning my lesson!  haha 

I will be 18 in 10 days...Whoooooo Hooooooo!!! hehe Thats means...Simple Plan concert...getting a piercing...and HUSTLER!!!!  Ahh i want some porn, a new vibrator, and who knows what else...i will probably go crazy in there!!! 

Oh yeah i have a question for anyone who knows...Whats a good piercing place in cincinnati?  I would like for it to be in Clifton since thats where i will be on my birthday and that way i dont have to drive around everywhere.  I heard Skincraft was an okay place.  So if anyone has any places let me know!  :-) I also dont know what to get pierced...i want my nose really bad...Does it hurt?  I hope not! haha yeah anyway

My camera on my cell phone is FINALLY working again...so that means more pictures SOON! lol :-) i know ya'll cant fucking wait!  haha JK! 

Well playas i am gonna roll...peace out white cracker hoes! 

*kisses* :-)

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Sitting home on a Friday night by myself...No one to go out with...Bored...

Is anyone going to the Green Day/NFG/Sugarcult concert tomorrow at U.S Bank Arena? I am...should be cool. Bye.
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Its been a while

Yeah it has been a long time since i have said anything. Well, I just started to think no one reads my journal anyway so why even bother writting? anyway its 7:15 a.m and i am sitting in my class waiting for the bell to ring. Ah i hate school. Yeah but nothing really has been going on. My birthday is coming up soon (Novemeber 5th) I will be the big 18! haha that means i can buy porn and get ciggs. yay! On my birhtday my friend Whitney and i are going to the Simple Plan concert at Bogarts. I think it will be some fun! I want to go to a gay bar afterwards. But depending on what time we get outta the concert and how tired we are we will probably just go home lol.

Um yeah lets see...what else...I havent had sex in over a month....thats kinda exciting...i guess...

I am still single... its been so long since i have had someone. It sucks!!! GRRR :-)Maybe someone will come along and be my birthday present...lol how corny was that!?!

sooo yeah i am going to go cause the bell is going to ring soon and stupid bitches are going to start coming into class. and they will start making all this noise like "OMG I need new shoes to go with my outfit..." "OMG NUH HUH REALLY? Like WOW!"....seriously...thats how they talk. That is things they have actually SAID. My friends and i just sit in the back of the class and laugh at them. They think they know everything. its like shopping at American Eagle and Abercrombie makes u smarter!?! I dont know but that must be what they think....I could go on and on about these hoes all day..

Buh bye ya'll! :-) *Kisses*
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Well right now i am sitting at work. Actually i am pretending to be wokring cause technically i dont get off for another 3 minutes lol. I have been slacking off big time today. I have a whole fucking project to do tonight. it sucks..But i am a champ i can get it done for sure.

This weekend is going to kick some major ASS. Friday Whitney and i are going down to Lexington, KY. Our friends band is playing this weekend and Whitney wants to see her boyfriend. But nnmmyeahhh so whitney and i called this number to a motel we found today online in Lexington...We called and they said it was about $22 a night! HAHA that motel is gonna be some SHIT! But we made reservations anayway! BAHASHAHAHAHA we are gonna be like staying in the ghetto and get shot or something. I can just see that happening! HAHA...anyway yeah so thats what we are doing all weekend. Sunday Whitney and i are playing Powder Puff Football here at school. The Seniors play the Freshman so it will be sweet! HAHA anyway i am going to get going if i decide i left anything out i will write more later but its time for me to roll outta dis place! Bye!
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Well this weekend was pretty wild...On friday Whitney and I went down to NKU to see Brittany and all those crazy Kentucky boys!!! It was a lot of fun...And oh yeah in my past entry i was talking about how i get used and blah blah blah...well everything with the "person" is cool now. And i found a new love...lol not really love but we are going to homecoming together so it will be sweet!! Then Saturday all the Kentucky boys came up here to chill with us and camp out. YEA-YA! :-) hehe...anyway...we had a lotta fun just sitting around playing the guitar and drinking some beers and shit. It was the most fun i have had in a while! I have to admit though...i was a LIL drunk...and i think almost everyone there was...wait...yeah everyone there was...LOL! Well i took a LOT of pics...sooooo enjoy...they arent tooo special...but some are cool! lol....

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OH my HOLY SHIT my friend Whitney just said the funniest shit i have ever heard in my life....well atleast i think its funny HAHA if this offends anyone i am really SORRY!....Bahahahahahahhhhhhhaaaaahhahahahahah


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I FUCKING HATE PEOPLE! Like i almost cant take it anymore....I hate being led on...I hate the fact that whenever i have sex with someone they use me and treat me like a piece of SHIT...people need to stop that cause it really breaks me down...Right now I feel like a piece of SHIT and i want to kill myself.  I know i sound crazy..and i wont really do it...but AHHHHHHHHHHH I am just so pissed...I dont even know if what i am saying makes any sense but i need to get it out and write something down.  FUCK!  This is bullshit...why do i let people do this to me?  I guess its all my fault huh?  yeah well you know what i am not going to let it happen fucking anymore...No way...not at all...from now on i dont trust anyone...i dont care who they are...no trust...at all...FUCK YOU ASSHOLE!  I know i am not saying who this person is...they dont have a livejournal...and they dont read mine...i just feel no need to give names right now...SO FUCK YOU...I am done...bye...

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