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Dude the Green Day concert was fucking sweet!  We had floor seats so we were pretty damn close...I like creamed my pants!  haha.  Yeah i was like AHHHHH ORGASM! lol....It was an overall great night.  It was Whitney's first "real" concert and i was so proud of her she was like getting into it and moshing and like going crazy!  I was like "WHOOAAA!" lol but yeah.  That was saturday.

Sunday i hun out with this really cool guy, Eric.  Who knows...things might happen...I am not getting my hopes up though. I try not to cause i always get hurt so this time i am not letting myself get to "into" him too fast.  I am finally learning my lesson!  haha 

I will be 18 in 10 days...Whoooooo Hooooooo!!! hehe Thats means...Simple Plan concert...getting a piercing...and HUSTLER!!!!  Ahh i want some porn, a new vibrator, and who knows what else...i will probably go crazy in there!!! 

Oh yeah i have a question for anyone who knows...Whats a good piercing place in cincinnati?  I would like for it to be in Clifton since thats where i will be on my birthday and that way i dont have to drive around everywhere.  I heard Skincraft was an okay place.  So if anyone has any places let me know!  :-) I also dont know what to get pierced...i want my nose really bad...Does it hurt?  I hope not! haha yeah anyway

My camera on my cell phone is FINALLY working again...so that means more pictures SOON! lol :-) i know ya'll cant fucking wait!  haha JK! 

Well playas i am gonna roll...peace out white cracker hoes! 

*kisses* :-)


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