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I AM NOW FINALLY 18!  Friday was my birthday.  It was a pretty good birthday.  I got a lot of shit from all my friends and family.  Friday night my friend Kelly and i went to Clifton and hung out.  I got my nose pierced and it didnt hurt at all.  I was all worked up the whole day and really nervous about it. I got myself all worked up over nothing.  Its really cute too!  I like it a lot :-) hehe...anyway yeah so last night I hung out with my friends and we went bowling.  I did pretty damn good i bowled a 140-something which is better than i normally do.  Then we all just went uptown and walked around.  My friend Ali and Cameron got me some sex cards...they are pretty fucking funny. 

I am going to the Three Days Grace concert next Saturday at Bogarts.  I have been to more concerts in the past month than i want to lol.  Friday i went and saw Simple Plan...it SUCKED!!!!  I love Simple Plan to death cause i have liked them for 3 years or so...BUT there was nothing but screaming 12 and 13 year olds there. I felt like i was at a fucking boy band concert.  So...i left early...Plus i was feeling really sick cause i hadnt eaten anything all day and i took some Stackers, which isnt good to take them and not eat anything. 

Anyway i really dont know what else to talk about.  I am so tired and bored...BLAH...

**Kisses** :-)



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