January 10th, 2005

I am back!

Okay so i know you all are probably thinking i fell off the earth or died or something...NOPE i am still here...i just got tired of writing cause no one ever commented so i got kinda bored with writing. I figure it is time for an update....
So November was pretty boring...nothing exciting went on there.
December was okay...Tiffany and i hung out a bunch and were total mallrats. We were at the mall like almost everyday over Christmas break. Exciting huh? I got a lot of cool things for Christmas like a portable DVD player, some DVDs, and CD player, some CDs, and a digital camera. New Years Eve i went with Tiffany to this church lock in thingie...i know its hard to believe i didnt get drunk! I am actually kind of dissapointed i didnt...oh well there is always next year..and the year after that..and so on...but eyeah so we just chilled and hung out.

Some exciting things that have happened to me are as follows:

1. Got my tongue pierced
2. Got a new tattoo
3. Met some totally cool new ppl
4. Got into the spring musical at school..it is "Pippin"
5. Had sex...a couple of times.

So yeah thats about all that has happened. BEt ya'll dont miss me now? haha i make boring entries i know...i know...I have some pics i will add later...but i kinda forget how to do a LJ cut? so if anyone can help me out....pwease! haha i forget things easy! bye playas!
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