hehe i got a doggy! He is so cute...I know in the pic it looks like i beat him with a stick but i really didnt! i swear!! Hehe anyway i thought i would share...Not like anyone is going to comment anyway cause no one ever does but it is worth a try....bye!
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OKay what the fuck is this thing? a dildo? I have NEVER seen one that looked like that! Anyway...School starts tomorrow.. BLAH! that SUCKS A BIG weird looking dildo! lol. Yeah my schedule kicks ASS tho! i am so pumped. Plus i am a senior this year so its even better! FUCK YEAH MAN! i dont know what else to type. plus i have to go to fucking bed early tonight so i will be all "rested up" for tomorrow! Bye...OH here are some random pics from the last few nights.

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By:  lierdumoa


Yeah so Warped Tour is tomorrow and i am soo fucking pumped...Its my first time so i wont be a warped virgin anymore! lol...Is anyone going? I am sure if u are i will see ya there...anyway..

Yeah so last night i spent the night at a fucking FRAT HOUSE! What the fuck is wrong with me?  haha.  But yeah my friend Betsy's boyfriend lives there...its a Jewish frat (lol) and he isnt Jewish and he isnt even part of the frat...he just stays there all the Yeah so i got drunk and watched TV then went to exciting huh!?!?!  haha Anyway i am gonna go cause i need to go clean my room before my parents shit themselves...Bye!

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LOL...this is some funny shit!.....
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la la la la

Why do i feel like no one reads my journal!?!? I havent had a comment in a while...or well maybe more than 1 comment... :-( I am not trying to be a whiny bitch casue we all know i am not :-) but i don tknow i just feel like why should i even have a livejournal when no one even reads it! lol Oh well i will shut my fuckin dyke ass up. Bye.
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By:  lierdumoa

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Yeah so last night was intresting I went to Betsy's and there were some sexy ass boys there!!! This is what the night consisted of....... naked in the hot tub, running naked around the house, and yeah pretty much being naked all night. haha okay anyway here are some pics! No noked ones tho i swear! :-)

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By:  lierdumoa

(no subject)

Yeah so here are some random pics casue i am really bored so i figure i woudl share some shit with ya'll....Enjoy...not that there is anything to enjoy but yeah....

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